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8 restaurants, cafés, bistros, bars and shops are opened to serve a variety of dishes, from fish & chips to steak or pizza. There is something for every taste. All facilities are located comfortably within walking distance from the apartments, the hotel and the stages.

The Weissenhäuser Strand provides apart from a supermarket, a bakery, a smoking croft and the hotel bar, the following restaurants:


Burger specialties, snacks, icecream, coffee & cake.

Play area for children. Ice cream and sweets.

Feast to your heart’s content amidst a breathtaking jungle landscape and listen to the melodies played by the beasts of the jungle as flashes of light and rumbling sounds herald the approach of a raging storm.

Beer, wine and cocktails.

A lounge in the Galeria and a meeting place for cocktail lovers and connoisseurs of cold beer or delicious wine.

Italian restaurant in the Galeria. Pizza and pasta.

For those who want to end the day with a glass of wine or a freshly tapped beer.

German cuisine with regional influences.

Sale of smoked fish and fish sandwiches.

A substantial Breakfast buffet and warm entrées in the afternoons or evenings.

Snacks, ice cream and sweets.


Opening hours of the Restaurants vary from restaurant to restaurant, but there’s always a chance to order a meal, from early morning till late at night. A wide range of dishes will be served.

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