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Here you’ll find all the information you need concerning the hygiene concept for Rolling Stone Beach 2021. We are very pleased to only need to lay out a few special regulations for you this year and we are confident the following arrangements will barely influence the festival atmosphere.

Only participants who have been vaccinated, recovered, or tested daily (in German ‘’geimpft, genesen, getestet’’) will be admitted to Rolling Stone Beach. This applies to guests, employees, and artists. In order to verify this, every person must provide the appropriate proof once per day, after which a second wristband will be handed out. These checks will be carried out at central locations at the venue, where you will be on your way to the festival or the beach anyway. Additionally, during the day mobile employees in green vests will be out and about and you can also provide proof to them and pick up your new wristband for the day. Please remember to have a valid, official ID with you for every 3-G check.

  • Vaccinated / Recovered
    Full vaccination protection is generally reached 14 days after the last vaccine dose is administered. People are considered ‘recovered’ if their SARS-CoV-2 infection was less than 6 months ago. Fully vaccinated or recovered people do not need a daily negative test.
  • Tested
    Testing means: daily, negative antigen rapid test / PCR Test. Achtung: Antigen-Schnelltests müssen von geschulten Personen durchgeführt & zertifiziert werden. Einfache Selbsttests werden nicht akzeptiert. Attention: antigen rapid tests must be carried out and and certified by trained staff. Simple self-tests will not be accepted. There is a testing center in parking lot P2 of the Weissenhäuser Strand: www.weissenhaeuserstrand.de/testzentrum. An online appointment as well as payment is required. Please note that beginning October 11th there is a nation-wide fee for antigen rapid tests and these costs cannot be covered by the event organizer.

Daily 3G-Check
On all event days, including Thursday, 3-G proof must be provided in order to attend the event. The daily check for appropriate proof will be uncomplicated and convenient and will be possible without appointment at multiple locations on the event site between 08:00 and 20:00. On the day of arrival your 3-G proof will be checked for the first time directly at the hotel reception. On all following days the checks will happen at centrally located points at the venue. All people who are older than the age of 16 will be required to show valid official photo identification. We will try to make the check as quick and straightforward as possible. However, there are bound to be waiting times every so often. We therefore ask you to plan a bit of time for the 3G check.

Rules For General Hygiene And Infection Protection
Hand disinfectant dispensers will be available at many locations, and a traffic-control system will be signposted at many locations to reduce the risk of body contact. Indoor areas will be regularly ventilated with fresh air.

Mouth And Nose Covering
There is no general mask mandate, however we strongly recommend wearing a mouth and nose covering (a medical face mask or FFP2) on the entire event site. During special points in the program where large numbers of participants are expected to gather we will implement a temporary compulsory medical mask rule to ensure the greatest possible safety for all participants. We therefore kindly ask that you have a medical mouth and nose covering available for use at all times.

When arriving this year there are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Official valid photo ID and Vaccine/Recovery/Test proof at hand and available to show
  • Only the person who made the booking can use the entrance for apartment assignments, (reception entrance, left side) collect the room key, and receive the festival wristbands for the whole group. The person booking can also use this opportunity to show the 3-G proof for the day.
  • The rest of the group goes directly towards the 3G check (reception entrance - right side) for the 3G verification. This way the processing goes quickly and ensures fewer chances for contact.

Hotel Room:

  • Official, valid photo ID and vaccination / recovery / test proof available at hand to show
  • All guests of the hotel booking come to check in at the hotel reception. Here you get your key for your hotel room, your festival wristbands, and the 3-G wristbands for the arrival day.

Cashless Payment:
There will be a cashless and contactless payment option at nearly all bars and sales stands on site (bank card, credit card, etc). Please utilize this feature.

If you experience symptoms of illness:
If you notice signs of illness such as cough, increased temperature or fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, runny nose, sore throat or headache and body aches, which could indicate an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, we ask you to please not come to the event. If you notice these symptoms at the event site, we ask that you put on a medical mouth and nose covering, go to your accommodation as soon as possible and isolate yourself there if possible. Please contact the medical on-call service directly on 116 117. These contact points provide information on how to proceed. In case of emergencies, for example with acute shortness of breath, dial the emergency number 112. Please also inform the Weissenhäuser Strand team by phone at 04361 55 40.

Children & 3-G Checks:
Children up the the age of seven do not need 3-G proof. Children and adolescents age eight and above need a certificate from their school with proof they are regularly tested twice a week as part of an obligatory protection concept for schools. Otherwise, the regulations described under the point “3-G Event" also applies here.

You see, it’s not too crazy. If everyone sticks to these rules, we can look forward to a relaxed and uncomplicated festival experience that we’ve been missing for so long. In case you still have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch at serviceteam@fkpscorpio.com.