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The Event

The Rolling Stone Beach will take place in the beautiful surroundings of the holiday resort Weissenhaeuser Strand situated right at the coast of the Baltic Sea. As some of us do appreciate a bit of comfort and do not necessarily need camping grounds, clammy sleeping bags, canned soup and waiting in line to use a porta-loo to get the real festival feeling, the resort provides fully equipped apartments, hotel rooms and several restaurants , cafés and bars.

The concerts and performances take place indoors on three stages and several unexpected floors. And when, after a long night of dancing and headbanging the neck feels a bit stiff and the head a bit heavy, a nice walk on the beach or a jump in the pool followed by some time in the sauna or a relaxing massage will feel just right and help to get one’s energy back.

The ROLLING STONE Beach combines the fun part of a festival with the recreational effect of a short trip. It is a rock festival - but you won’t have to take a couple of days off to recover afterwards.

The ROLLING STONE Beach: for music lovers who still feel the fascination of a party-weekend with like minded people, but who have grown out of the tent, air mattress and luke warm beer age.

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